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  Uzbekistan:  9 species
Eremias arguta arguta (PALLAS, 1773)
Eremias arguta uzbekistanica CHERNOV, 1934
Eremias grammica (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)
Eremias intermedia (STRAUCH, 1876)
Eremias lineolata (NIKOLSKY, 1896)
Eremias nigrocellata NIKOLSKY, 1896
Eremias nikolskii BEDRIAGA in NIKOLSKY, 1905
Eremias regeli BEDRIAGA in NIKOLSKY, 1905
Eremias scripta scripta (STRAUCH, 1867)
Eremias scripta lasdini (ZAREVSKY, 1918)
Eremias scripta pherganensis SZCZERBAK & WASHETKO, 1973
Eremias velox velox (PALLAS, 1771)

Eremias nikolskii


Eremias nikolskii




Although said to be confined to Fergana district in S Fergana province, in E Tashkent and NW Namangan provinces (W Tien Shan) three localities are mapped: (1) mountainous part of the River Angren [west of river at approx. 41º15’N 70º07’E, NW Namangan province]; (2) mouth of the River Ertash (a tributary of the Angren) to Kamchik Pass [approx. 41º02’N 70º17’E, E Tashkent province); and (3) Reval Kamchik (Kamchik Pass) [approx. 41º11’N 70º34’E, NW Namangan].


Source: D.A. Showler (2018): A Checklist of the Amphibians and Reptiles of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a review and summary of species distribution


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