Georgia, Türkiye and Armenia: Upper Kura Valley. 


Darevskia rudis macromaculata  (DAREVSKY, 1967)


Holotype: ZISP 17940, male (Figs. 8-9 in Doronin 2017), 24.06.1961. Coll.: I.S. Darevsky. ZISP 17940, male

Terra Typica:

Type locality: Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, vicinity of Akhalkalaki, about 1800 m asl, 41°23 ́N 43°29 ́E.

Taxonomic notes:

Etymology: Named after the Greek “makros”, long, large, and after Latin noun “macula”, spot, stain, referring to the characteristic large lateral spots in this subspecies.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Darevsky, I.S. (1967) -  Rock lizards of the Caucasus. (Systematic, ecology and phylogeneis of the polymorphic groups of rock lizards of the subgenus Archaeolacerta). -  Leningrad, Nauka Press. 276 S.  

  • Bischoff, W. (2003) -  Die Eidechsenfauna Georgiens. Teil II. Die Gattung Darevskia. -  Die Eidechse, Bonn, 14 (3): 65-93.    


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