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  Namibia:  25 species
Heliobolus lugubris (SMITH, 1838)
Ichnotropis capensis (SMITH, 1838)
Ichnotropis grandiceps BROADLEY, 1967
Meroles anchietae (BOCAGE, 1867)
Meroles ctenodactylus (SMITH, 1838)
Meroles cuneirostris (STRAUCH, 1867)
Meroles knoxii pequensis (HEWITT, 1935)
Meroles micropholidotus (MERTENS, 1938)
Meroles reticulatus (BOCAGE, 1867)
Meroles squamulosus (PETERS, 1854)
Meroles suborbitalis (PETERS, 1869)
Nucras damarana PARKER, 1936
Nucras intertexta (SMITH, 1838)
Nucras tessellata (SMITH, 1838)
Pedioplanis branchi CHILDERS & KIRCHHOF & BAUER, 2021
Pedioplanis breviceps (STERNFELD, 1911)
Pedioplanis gaerdesi (MERTENS, 1954)
Pedioplanis husabensis BERGER-DELL´MOUR & MAYER, 1989
Pedioplanis inornata (ROUX, 1907)
Pedioplanis laticeps (SMITH, 1845)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata lineoocellata (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata inocellata (MERTENS, 1955)
Pedioplanis lineoocellata pulchella (GRAY, 1845)
Pedioplanis mayeri CHILDERS & KIRCHHOF & BAUER, 2021
Pedioplanis namaquensis (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON, 1839)
Pedioplanis rubens (MERTENS, 1954)
Pedioplanis undata (SMITH, 1838)

Pedioplanis inornata


Pedioplanis inornata


  (ROUX, 1907)


From Namib-Naukluft National Park and south of Windhoek to south and east to the Keetmanshoop and Karasburg districts and the Orange River. Absent from the arid west coast (stony substrates). This taxon was previously treated as a colour variety of P. undata (Boulenger 1921, and Mertens 1955) and the first formal recognition was by Mayer &Berger-Dell`mour (1987). Since they demonstrated hybridisation between this form and nominate P. undata in the central Namib Desert, they regarded inornata as a subspecies of undata. Although this taxon has subsequently been treated as a full species (Mayer & Berger-Dell`mour, 1988 and Arnold,1991) the taxonomic status of inornata is still not resolved; Mayer and Berger-Dell`mour (1987) noted a northern (northern Pro-Namib) and a parapative southern form (southern parts of Namibia) of P. u. inornata. Based on morphological data, Arnold (1991) believed P. undata and P. inornata to be only distantly related. This species is known or expected to occur in the Namib-Naukluft Park, Hardap Recreation Resort, Naute Recreation Resort, Diamond Coast Recreation Area, Sperrgebiet and the Ai-Ais/Hunsberg Reserve. (Source: GRIFFIN, M. (2002) - ANNOTATED CHECKLIST AND PROVISIONAL CONSERVATION STATUS OF NAMIBIAN REPTILES).


Source: Childers, J.L. & Kirchhof, S. & Bauer, A.M. (2021) - Lizards of a different stripe: phylogenetics of the Pedioplanis undata species complex (Squamata, Lacertidae), with the description of two new species. - Zoosystematics and Evolution, 97 (1): 249–272.


Namibia, South Africa


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