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  United Kingdom:  5 species
Lacerta agilis agilis LINNAEUS, 1758
Lacerta bilineata bilineata DAUDIN, 1802
Podarcis muralis maculiventris (WERNER, 1891)
Podarcis siculus (RAFINESQUE-SCHMALTZ, 1810)
Zootoca vivipara vivipara (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)

Podarcis muralis maculiventris


Podarcis muralis maculiventris


  (WERNER, 1891)


Introduced in central and southern England and the Isle of Wight.


Source: Williams, R. & Dunn, A. & Mendes da Costa, L. & Hassall, C. (2020) - Climate and habitat configuration limit range expansion andpatterns of dispersal in a non-native lizard. - Authorea, 2020. DOI: 10.22541/au.159136829.95244358


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