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  Austria:  5 species
Iberolacerta horvathi (MÉHELY, 1904)
Lacerta agilis agilis LINNAEUS, 1758
Lacerta agilis argus (LAURENTI, 1768)
Lacerta viridis viridis (LAURENTI, 1768)
Podarcis muralis maculiventris (WERNER, 1891)
Podarcis muralis muralis (LAURENTI, 1768)
Podarcis muralis nigriventris BONAPARTE, 1838
Zootoca vivipara vivipara (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)
Zootoca vivipara carniolica MAYER et al., 2000

Iberolacerta horvathi


Iberolacerta horvathi


  (MÉHELY, 1904)


Only in south Carinthia and parts of East Tyrol (western Karawanken range, Carnic Alps, Gailtal Alps), locally distributed from 600 to 1700 m above sea level.


Source: Verbreitungsatlas Österreich - Iberolacerta horvathi (Datenstand 1996).


Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia


Iberolacerta horvathi  © 2004 Johannes Hill