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  Armenia:  19 species
Darevskia aghasyani TUNIYEV, B.S. & T.V. PETROVA, 2019
Darevskia armeniaca (MÉHELY, 1909)
Darevskia dahli (DAREVSKY, 1957)
Darevskia nairensis (DAREVSKY, 1967)
Darevskia portschinskii nigrita (BAKRADZE, 1976)
Darevskia portschinskii portschinskii (KESSLER, 1878)
Darevskia praticola loriensis TUNIYEV et al., 2013
Darevskia raddei raddei (BOETTGER, 1892)
Darevskia rostombekowi (DAREVSKY, 1957)
Darevskia rudis macromaculata (DAREVSKY, 1967)
Darevskia unisexualis (DAREVSKY, 1966)
Darevskia valentini valentini (BOETTGER, 1892)
Eremias arguta transcaucasica DAREVSKY, 1953
Eremias pleskei BEDRIAGA, 1905
Eremias strauchi KESSLER, 1878
Lacerta agilis brevicaudata PETERS, 1958
Lacerta media media LANTZ & CYRÉN, 1920
Lacerta strigata EICHWALD, 1831
Ophisops elegans elegans MÉNÉTRIÉS, 1832
Parvilacerta parva (BOULENGER, 1887)

Lacerta media media


Lacerta media media


  LANTZ & CYRÉN, 1920


Widespread in Armenia, this species is most commonly seen on foothills and in the valley of the Araks River and in N Armenia. It is absent from semidesert zones.


Source: M. S. Arakelyan, F. D. Danielyan, C. Corti, R. Sindaco, and A. E. Leviton, `Herpetofauna of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh`, Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, 2011


Lacerta media media  © 2002 Konstantin Milto