From southern Russia and southern Ukraine, through southern Moldova, and eastern and southern Romania (excluding the Danube Delta), to Bulgaria, Macedonia, eastern and southern Serbia, Albania, mainland Greece and the Ionian Islands, northwestern Turkey, and Hungary.  


tauricus  (PALLAS, 1814)


Lacerta taurica  PALLAS, 1814

Lacerta taurica thasopulae   KATTINGER, 1942

Podarcis taurica   ENGELMANN et al, 1993

Podarcis tauricus  BÖHME & KÖHLER, 2005 (by implication)

Common names:

Balkan Wall Lizard (English)
Taurische Eidechse (German)
Крымская ящерица (Russian)


Holotype: lost

Terra Typica:

The Crimea.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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