Kyrgyzstan / basin of the river Naryn, the valley of the rivers At-Bashi and Arpa. Foothills of Moldo-Too, Baibishe- Too, Yaman-Too, At-Bashi and Naryn-Too. 


Eremias szczerbaki  JERIOMTSCHENKO & PANFILOV, 1992


Eremias multiocellata szczerbaki   JERIOMTSCHENKO & PANFILOV, 1992

Eremias szczerbaki  EREMCHENKO & PANFILOV, 1999

Common names:

Szczerbak’s Racerunner (English)
Szczerbak’s Wüstenrenner (German)


Holotype: IBKB (presumably), R 002056, Zoological Museum of the Institute of Biology, Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek: ad male, Kyrgiziya, Naryn District, valley of Arpa River, 19 June 1985, leg. V.K. Eremchenko and A.M. Panfilov (Eremchenko et al., 1992).

Terra Typica:

Kyrgyzstan (valley of Arpa River).

Taxonomic notes:

Subgenus Pareremias

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Jeriomtschenko V.K. & Panfilov A.M. & Tzarinenko E.I. (1992) -  Eremias multiocellata complex: solution of some problems in systematics of the multiocellated racerunners of Kyrgyzstan (Sauria, Lacertidae, Eremias). -  in: Conspect of the Researches on Cytogenetics and Systematics of Some Asiatic Species of Scincidae and Lacertidae, Ilim, Bishkek: 65-80.  

  • Orlova, V.F. & Poyarkov, N.A. & Chirikova, M.A. & Nazarov, R.A. & Munkhbataar, M. & Munkhbayar, K. & Terbish, K. (2017) -  MtDNA differentiation and taxonomy of Central Asian racerunners of Eremias multiocellata-E. przewalskii species complex (Squamata, Lacertidae) -  Zootaxa 4282 (1): 1-42.    


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