Kirgisistan / Issy Kul Gebiet. 


Eremias velox borkini  EREMCHENKO & PANFILOV, 1999


Holotype: IBKB (= Zoological Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan) R 002662, Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan, southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake, area between the Ak-Terek and Ak-Sai, 6.06.1986, Coll. V.K. Eremchenko, paratypes: as holotype: ZISP

Terra Typica:

Becken des Issyk Kul, Kirgistan.

Relevante taxonomische Literatur:

  • Eremchenko, V.K. & Panfilov A.M. (1999) -  Taxonomic position and geographic relations of a lacertid lizard Eremias velox from the Issyk-Kul lake depression, Tien Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan.  -  Nauka i Novye Tekhnologii, Seriya Biologicheskaya, 1: 119-125.  

  • Liu, J. & Ananjeva, N.A. & Chirikova, M.A. & Milto, K.D. & Guo, X. (2014) -  Molecular Assessment and taxonomic status of the Rapid Racerunner (Eremias velox complex) with particular attention to the populations in Northwestern China.  -  Asian Herpetological Research, 5 (1): 12-25.     


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