Southwestern Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia and Yemen) and South-East Egypt. It possibly occur in northeastern Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti.


Ophisops elbaensis  SCHMIDT & MARX, 1957

Common names:

Red Sea Snake-eyed Lizard (English)
Mount Elba Snake-eyed Lizard (English)
Schlangenaugeneidechse (German)
سحلية علبة ثعبانية العين (Arabic)


Holotype: FMNH 73601

Terra Typica:

Gebel Elba at the Egypt-Sudan border (Red Sea area).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Schmidt, K.P. & Marx, H. (1957) -  Results of the namru-3 southeastern Egypt Expedition, 1954. 2. Reptiles and amphibians.  -  Bulletin - Zoological Society of Egypt, Cairo, 13: 16-27.  

  • Milto, K.D. & Melnikov, D.A. & Nazarov, R.A. & Saber, S.A. & Nagy, A. (2018) -  Ophisops elbaensis (Mount Elba Snake-eyed Lizard). Egypt: Red Sea Governorate: Wadi El Gemal National Park, Sartout Valley (24.32266°N, 35.02306°E; WGS 84).  -  Herpetological Review 49(4): 716.