Southern Mozambique, southeastern Zimbabwe and northeastern South Africa. 


Nucras caesicaudata  BROADYLEY, 1972

Common names:

Blue-tailed Sandveld Lizard (English)


Holotype: NMZB, previously UM 12380, an adult female; paratypes: NMW, ZFMK 34213 (ex-UM 12235), subadult male

Terra Typica:

Sazale Pan, Gona-re-Zhou, southeastern Zimbabwe at an elevation of 425 m.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Broadley, D.G. (1972) -  A review of the Nucras tessellata group (Sauria: Lacertidae). -  Arnoldia - National Museums of Southern Rhodesia, Harare, Zimbabwe, 5 (20): 1-36.