Northeastern Tanzania and southeastern Kenya. 


Gastropholis prasina  WERNER, 1904


Gastropholis prasina  WERNER, 1904

Bedriagaia moreaui  LOVERIDGE, 1936

Gastropholis prasina  ARNOLD, 1989

Common names:

Green Keel-bellied Lizard (English)
Afrikanische Baumeidechse (German)


Holotype: ZMB 18087, MCZ R-39799

Terra Typica:

“Deutsch-Ostafrika”, probably Tanga, Tanzania.

Amani, Usambara Mts. Tanzania (`Bedriagaia moreaui`).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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  • Loveridge, A.. (1936) -  A new lacertid (Bedriagaia moreaui) from Tanganyika Territory. -  Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club, 15: 67-70.  

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