Atlantolacerta ARNOLD et al., 2007

Species (1):

Atlantolacerta andreanskyi  (WERNER, 1929)

Taxonomic notes:

The taxonomy of the only species of this genus was subject to remarkable changes until recently. Apart from their classification as part of the collection genus Lacerta s. l., it has long been considered a Zootoca (relatives of the viviparous lizard), until it finally was placed in the genus Teira. DNA studies showed beyond doubt that they do not belong in the subfamily Lacertinae, but represents the basal branch of Eremiadinae. BARATA et al. (2012) present a genetic analysis of A. andreanskyi, according to which the individual isolated populations show considerable differentiation and refer to them as “cryptic” species. A subsequent publication (BARATA et al., 2015) deals with the morphological differentiation of the populations. Since this is extremely low, a splitting in species is not advocated.


Relevant taxonomic literature:

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