Mountains in central and E Türkiye and south to the central Taurus Mountains. 


Darevskia rudis lantzicyreni  (DAREVSKY & EISELT, 1967)


Lectotype (designated by Darevsky & Eiselt 1967): GNM 2459, female.

Terra Typica:

Erciyes Dað, ca. 1900 asl.” [Erciyes (= Erdschias) Dagh in Kayseri, Central Anatolia, Turkey].

Taxonomic notes:

As early as 2002, WOLFGANG BISCHOFF pointed out the great similarity in scale structure, coloring and pattern of Darevskia valentini lantzicyreni with Darevskia rudis and took the view that lantzicyreni is more closely associated with Darevskia rudis.

Etymology: Named after the French herpetologist Louis A. Lantz (1886–1953) and the Swedish herpetologist Carl A. O. Cyrén (1878–1946), who made a significant contribution to the taxonomy of the Caucasian lizards.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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Darevskia rudis lantzicyreni  © 2002 Mario Schweiger