Portugal / Serra da Estrela, Cantabrian Mountains and Galicia. 


Iberolacerta monticola monticola  (BOULENGER, 1905)


Holotype: BMNH ? Specimens from `Spain` and `Estrella` were designated as types by BOULENGER (1920/21) in his second description of the taxon. The British Museum female specimen from S da Estrella of BOULENGER`S (1920/21) `types` could be selected as lectotype (ARRIBAS 1996).

Holotype: (`cantabrica`) SMF 22098, paratypes: NMW 16089:1,2

Terra Typica:

Serra da Estrela, Portugal.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Boulenger, G.A. (1905) -  Description of Iberolacerta monticola monticola. – In: “A contribution to the knowledge of the varieties of the Wall-Lizard (Lacerta muralis) in western Europe and North Africa”. -  Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, 17: 351-420.  

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