Spain / Pityusic islands / Formentera south of the Ses Illetes transition zone and La Savina. 


Podarcis pityusensis formenterae  (EISENTRAUT, 1928)


Lacerta pityusensis sabinae  BUCHHOLZ, 1954


Holotype: ZMB (formenterae EISENTRAUT); MÜLLER`s formenterae type, a synonym, was at ZSM (SLM) 1631, male, but is now lost, from `Insel Formentera`, collected by H. GRÜN, 15.06.1928

Terra Typica:

Formentera Island.

Taxonomic notes:

Recent unpublished studies on Podarcis pityusensis formenterae suggest that this subspecies is incorrectly merged into one single subspecie.
In anticipation of the final results, we will reinstate the previous described subspecies and introduce the not described populations as populations.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Eisentraut, M. (1928) -  Vorläufige Diagnosen einiger neuer Rassen der balearischen Inseleidechse Lacerta lilfordi Gthr. -  Das Aquarium, Berlin, August 1928: 121-124.