Süd-Spanien, zentrales und nördliches Marokko, Nord-Algerien und Nord-Tunesien.  Eingeschleppt: Insel Alborán (Spanien); Agioi Anargyroi (Athen, Griechenland).


Podarcis vaucheri  (BOULENGER, 1905)

Population (1):

Podarcis vaucheri `Jebel Sirwah Population` 


Lacerta muralis var. vaucheri  BOULENGER, 1905

Lacerta (Podarcis) bocagei vaucheri  MERTENS & MÜLLER, 1940

Lacerta hispanica vaucheri  KLEMMER, 1959

Podarcis vaucheri  OLIVERIO et al, 2000


Maghreb Wall Lizard (Englisch)
Maghreb-Mauereidechse (Deutsch)
Lagartija Andaluza (Spanisch)


Syntypes: BMNH

Terra Typica:

Tanger (Marokko).

Taxonomische Hinweise:

At present three mitochondrial lineages of this species are known: two in southern Spain and another inhabiting Morocco and Western Algeria (KALIONTZOPOULOU et al. 2011). Notice that the rest of the North African range of the genus (NE Algeria, Tunisia and a small isolate in the High Atlas in Morocco) is still maintained under P. hispanica, since they represent a separate phylogenetic clade (KALIONTZOPOULOU et al. 2011) and elevation to the species level by BUSACK et al. 2005 only included the Moroccan and Spanish populations.

Relevante taxonomische Literatur:

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